Inspired Art Ministry, Inc.

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Changing your artistic process for the better. Learn more about what they are, and how to purchase one below.

Protiques™ are the newest step in developing your original works. When you're looking for some words of advice, but not the brutal words of critiques, Protiques™ are the way to go! For a small price, Inspired Art Ministry, Inc. will analyze your work and will give you a response that can be used for improving your work, inspiration for creative direction and/or just some words to keep you going! All you have to do is send IAM, Inc. a picture of your painting and your email address. For $20, you receive a detailed report on what is working and why (composition, technique, perspective, etc.) and what could be imrproved, if anything, and how to make your painting better. Our words can be quoted as long as they are cited, giving Iam credit.

To purchase your Protique™, click the buy button below. When we receive your payment, we will email you for the work you'd like to be protiqued and any additional information we should know. 

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